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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

AC Trip

I just got back yesterday from the +1 AC meet. I lost, but had a fucking blast. I also feel like I learned a lot, especially watching people like Kevin (lucko) and Josh (mag) play no limit. It’s scary how much better they are than me and it’s a good reminder that I have a ton to learn.

One thing that struck me immediately playing in the casino was that the average 1/ 2 NL player in the casino would be absolutely destroyed by the average .25/.5 or even .1/.25 player online. I guess the fact that they’re leaving their homes to go all the way to a casino to gamble makes them play every hand- and every hand like shit- but it was (for the most part) atrocious. Granted, there were a couple very, very good players there, but the average player… not so much.

I feel like I played awesome all trip, but made one huge mistake, slightly misplayed top set which I let get cracked, and got ridiculously outplayed by Kevin in heads up pot-limit Omaha. The set I got cracked, along with a big pot I lost to pocket aces (against a truly awful player) when I had TPTK was another reminder of how sometimes his game, there’s just nothing you can do. I heard Josh and Kevin mentioning this a lot, and Josh even sweated my cards in both of those cold decks and said that given the hands and the caliber of play in the game, I was basically destined to lose big pots there. Hearing that from him made me feel better about my play, because he’d let me know if I fucked up.

The best play I saw on the trip: in a big pot, Kevin check-raised me on the river with quads. I paid him off, because I figured there was no way in hell he’d check a hand like that on the river. He did, and it won him a lot more money.

I’ll probably think of a ton more I want to talk about later, but it’s late and I’m tired.

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Fishstickkittie said...

that's something that a lot of players don't understand, just how poor the play is in a live casino.