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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Our Spring Is Sweet Not Fleeting

A much anticipated and much needed non-poker tangent: I just got a call today telling me I got accepted into NEOUCOM! I am so fucking excited. I could barely stop smiling all day. My mom cried when I told her. Ahhh, I feel vindicated (vindication baby!)

Anyways, tonight Arielle and I went to see !!! at the Grog Shop. Fun show, I haven't seen them in 3 years or so.

Okay, on to poker. I finally got some money into Absolute and started playing there last night. I just messed around with it a little to get my HUD set up correctly, and 3-tabled a bit today.

A few observations on Absolute:
  • The software is really atrocious looking. I'm used to much sleeker looking tables (think FT and Stars)
  • There's no bet pot button which will force me to be a little less lazy regarding my preflop raise sizing.
  • The tables are fucking huge. They really need to get on some resizable tables. One table takes up a pretty significantly large portion of my laptop screen, so when I was 3-tabling there was a ton of overlap. I might need to invest in another monitor (I was going to try to earn one on FT by getting 61k player points, but I think by the time I get there I might, in fact, be dead).
  • Having 200BB stacks is pretty sweet.
  • The play that I've seen so far has been atrocious. Just laughably bad. From an equity POV, I should be running over 40BB/100 there. Granted, it's a tiny sample, but regardless... I took a couple sick beats (someone played a 150+BB pot with me with K3 on a K high board and got there, and someone else called my re-reraise all in with second pair top kicker and got there) but still managed to turn a small little profit. I love this site already-- plus, I'm getting decent rakeback and got a $500 bonus.
Okay, I should get to bed soon. Taking Arielle to breakfast in the morning...


Chris said...

Dude, bad decision. Absolute is a terrible poker site. They will scam you. I urge everyone who plays poker seriously to avoid it.

Also, mess around with the skins they have. It can make it much more tolerable. I'm also excited they just added turbo tables.

But again, I urge you to change your mind. You will likely be robbed and killed on this site.

Nik Santi said...

Congrats dude!

smokkee said...

i'm curious what limits you're playing on Absolute.

i heard from another guy who plays there that they don't let you withdraw all your money. they make u keep a certain amt in your acct. i don't remember how much it was.

i've been playing on Bodog alot lately and find the players there are a lot worse than Stars and FTP.

congrats on being accepted. GL at the tables.

NFulton said...

I play pretty low, mostly the .1/.25 and .25/.5 right now. Probably in a couple weeks I'll start the .5/1 game on there.