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Thursday, June 28, 2007

My Aim Is True

Don't really want to disclose what it is, but by bankroll has eclipsed a high water mark that I've flirted with before, but never been able to attain.

I've only played about 6.5k hands of cash this month, but I've been playing well at beating the $200 buy in game on Absolute for a pretty good rate. If I can keep playing this well, I'm going to take a shot at the $400 game soon.

I also found out that I somehow-- most likely from when I moved money from UB-- got $250 in bonus money on Full Tilt. So I have almost $600 in bonuses that is waiting to be unlocked. Unfortunately, the Full Tilt bonus expires sometime in August, so I'm going to have to start playing there more often. Not that that's a problem, per se, but I've been doing so well in the Absolute games that I'd prefer to not move if I don't have to.

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Tilted_Halibut said...

Hey, I play a lot bit on Absolute at the same limits as you (though just had a break for 2 weeks). I recently got a FT bonus and moved some cash there to play 1/2, and boy did I run bad. My advice would be to stay on absolute as the games are way tougher on FT. If you play enough on absolute you will get a VIP host contact you and start offering you extra bonuses, at least that is what hs happened to me.

The Absolute 400$ buy in has a lot more tough aggressive players, but still plenty of fish.


Brit_Abroad (my absolute screen name).