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Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Ugh. Sucko lost a 100k chip race last night. He's still average, but damn that woulda been nice.

On a personal note, I'm in the midst of a 300(+...? hope not)BB downswing. I played decently the other day to lose. I could've played better and got caught bluffing both times I attempted decent sized bluffs. Whatever.

I was playing great today. Fucking awesomely, really. I was reading hands well, picking spots and getting paid off. Then I played a hand so awfully that not only am I wondering if I have any clue how to play this game, but I'm wondering if I should even bother doing anything anymore. And not just poker, but watching T.V., eating, reading, that stuff. It was that fucking bad.

Probably won't play for a few days. I'm pissed. Hopefully sucko and Shawn will brazillion-tuple up and brighten my poker spirits.

Also, another beat: I was gonna ask Shawn if he was still selling percentages of himself for the Main Event, and I forgot. Again. Uuuuuuguhghghghghaohf selkjf ridfljg vawijdf


Anonymous said...

hey nfulton!!
MaggieO here, LuckO's sista..
I'm praying for him and Shawnie!!
can you shoot me an email.. is there a site with the current standings...
any updates!!
thanks a million!!

Anonymous said...

just read sucko's blog--thanks!!!
good news!!!