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Thursday, August 16, 2007

HUDs Up Seven Up

I was convinced that I'd made a blog post about my HUD set up, but apparently I haven't. It must just have been on +1 or something. Anyways, Big Bobo wanted a little info on my HUD, so I'll go through that now.

For fun, let's look at traheho.

The 23.8 on the left is his VPIP.
The 18.9 is his preflop raise.
The 3.17/54 is his postflop aggression factor and postflop aggression frequency. I just switched today to make this "combined stats" instead of two different onces, just to make it look a little cleaner.
The 629 on the right is the total # of hands I have on this player in my PT Database.
The 35.65 on the bottom left is his attempt to steal blinds %.
The -2.08 at the bottom is his BB/100 won or lost.
The 30.34 is his went to showdown %.
The 29.63 is his won $ at showdown %.
The 56.76 at the top left is his cbet %.
The 85% below that is the % that he cbets again on the turn.
Next to those, the icon is my pokertracker icon. For traheho, the smiley face means "showdown muppet" but I don't use the icon anymore, because all of the other information I have available is much more telling.
On the top right, the 0.00 is his raise someone else's cbet %. The 50 next to that is the % that he calls someone's cbet, and the one below is the % that he folds.

At first, all of these numbers appear really intimidating, but you get used to it really quickly. It probably takes less than an hour until it becomes basically second nature. I was playing 9 SNGs at once today without much problem at all besides a million screens beeping at once.

If anyone wants to use my HUD set up, just let me know and I can email it to you. I have them set up for FTP 9 handed, 6 handed and HU, Absolute 6 handed, and Pokerstars 9 handed.


Anonymous said...

How do I email you ?

If you receive this please send all the hud layouts to DaPistaBaci at gmail dot com

Ryan said...

tyty sir.

i've been needing to expand my stats because i don't feel like i'm using them to their full capacity, so it's good to see what other people have done.

Roger said...

Although I am rather new, I can see the value of having an out-of-the-box setup like this. If you are still interested in sharing your HUD settings... my e-mail is in my profile. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

may i please get the stuff i need to have that HUD!? wow i really need one, please send to kils44 at yahoo dot com

thanks and good luck

yabi said...

Update... =0)

yabi said...

Where ya been?

CzechRazor said...

Heh. At first I read it like ... you get used to playing someone with those stats after an hour.

Peter said...

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yabi said...

Reason for you to post again:

You're tagged! Surf on over to see why.

AllanDuke said...

Thanks for posting your Poker Tracker photo. Ive always wondered what it looks like on the screen.

Frank said...

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refreshing to see some one else experiencing my ups and downs, i'd appreciate if you chekc out my blog and put me in your list of other poker blogs, i know ill be checking out yours, peace out -brezlin

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