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Friday, April 06, 2007

What Is And What Should Never Be

When I started playing poker online, even before I played no-limit, my general MO would be something like this-- have a good session, have a good session, decent session, great session, and then blow almost all of it at once.

It's good to see things haven't changed.

I shudder to think how much bigger my bankroll would be if I could just purge a few days from existence.

I think I've been playing really well the past couple weeks for the most part. I've been employing a much more consistent raise-or-fold strategy (for the most part, at least) which I think has picked up a ton of small pots that I probably didn't deserve to win. Specifically, I've been taking a lot more pots away from people who donk bet into my preflop raises on the flop. I've been fighting back against that move much more aggressively and liberally as of late and it seems to be paying off pretty well.

Still, though, I keep making stupid mistakes that aren't even necessarily strategy related. Like working a 10-hour night shift, getting home at 8 in the morning, and then deciding that now would probably be the best time to attempt 6-tabling for the first time.

I know. I'm a moron. I've since made up for that slightly costly debacle, but it never should've happened.

I've been watching a ton of Cardrunners videos the past few days. I've watched all of Brain's videos twice, and I've gone through about a dozen of Taylor's videos. It's disgusting how smart these guys are. This, like Poker Tracker, PAHUD, and playing poker in general (both live & online) is something I wish I would've gotten into earlier, because I feel like I've robbed myself of a lot of potential knowledge.

Indy is in less than two weeks. Should be fun, especially if I don't lose/play SYN.

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