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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Fucked Up Animals

I hate having to get my news from yahoo, but since I don't have time to watch TV (well, the news at least) or read the paper, I'm stuck with that.

Anyways, I was looking up some cardiovascular nonsense on yahoo and ran into this article and had to look it up.

Hexapus? Six-armed octopus?

Sounds awesome. Apparently the scientists who discovered it are toting "Henry" as a result of a congenital defect and not a result of (de?)evolution of the octopus lineage or the bastard product of a wood-chipper accident.

Speaking of fucked up animals, let's take a trip halfway around the world to our old acquaintances, Hamas.

No moron, not the chickpea dip you eat with pita, the militant Palestinian organization.

Apparently has come out with a children's program that touts a bunny that is vaguely reminiscent of a live-action Bugs, claiming that-- Allah willing-- he will eat the Jews. Here's a clip.

This is weird for a couple reasons:
1) I didn't think rabbits were carnivores.
2) I feel like of all the various demographics, the Jews would not be one of the more tasty. Just my opinion.

Does this remind anyone else of the killer rabbit from The Holy Grail?


Alright, that's all for now. Later bitches.

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