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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Short Session

This Nanowrimo thing has taken up almost all of my time, so I've only had time to play twice this month. A week ago I played an awful, awful session to drop a buy-in and a half (I actually took a pretty sick beat with AK when a guy called my reraise PF and then big flop bet with his 69s that flopped a gutshot and hit).

I think today I played a little better. I got a set paid off v. kings, which was basically my entire profit for the session, so it wasn't like I played brilliantly.

I think I misplayed a set of queens in one hand, leading out in a non-descript board instead of letting him catch up, because there was no way the guy had any semblance of a hand in that spot.

I played another hand terribly, where I checked behind the two blinds with TPWK, and let them catch up. I didn't pay it off, but if I bet the flop I'm pretty sure I win the pot uncontentested. At the time, I was thinking I was checking the flop because I didn't want to play a big pot with a marginal hand, but it was a dumb, dumb move.

Almost halfway done with nanowrimo. Might be going up to Connecticut this weekend to see Arielle.

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