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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Lots of Poker that I Didn't Play

Let's see what's happened in the past couple weeks.

Mag has come in 3rd in the UBOC, wins the Stars $100, the next day wins the Stars $55 rebuy, then the next day wins the $100 rebuy. Hate to see the guy leave the cash game arena to be a tourney donk, but you can't argue with all of that money. Sick stuff.

A few days after all this, lucko21 wins the very next $100 rebuy for $25k! Mag went pretty deep, coming in about twentieth.

Then, the very NEXT $100 rebuy, sprstoner makes the final table.

AND on UB, mag and tdizz made the very same final table in the $30 rebuy, finishing fourth and second, respectively. Sick, sick stuff. It makes me want to start playing tourneys again. Maybe once I get a new laptop (soon... soon...)

Also congrats to gleeful for winning the TPOAPC main event, and vman and aces (julio the fat mexican queer) for being the player of the year point leaders. I went a long way down from where I was after the first two tourneys (first) but I think I played well in most of the tourneys. I missed HORSE and the main event (I thought it was tonight, not this afternoon), and got pretty unlucky in razz. But I played fucking god-awful in the stud high and in the second no limit event.

Mathematics of Poker continues to be an incredible book. I'd recommend it (or an attempt at it) to anyone who plays this game even remotely seriously.

No real non-poker news. Arielle comes home soon, that's about it.


Ezarc said...

Another recommendation for Mathmatics of Poker. Will be picking it up if I don't get it for Christmas.

Take Care,

Eggs and Bacon said...

Your the best poker player in the world, --- at saying how other people are doing. Well done!