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Thursday, December 07, 2006


Three tourneys in the plus one annual poker championships.

First one I skilled my way into an early chip lead when my AKo beat Troys AKo. Lost some of it back to him when my JJ lost the coinflip to his JTo (pokerstars...).

Came into the FT with a great stack, with cbal in second. I was playing pretty fast, but chris had recently reraised a couple raises of mine. So I went to steal with 69o and he flat called,w hich really confused me. I put him on something like KQ or AT. The flop came 762 and we both checked. The turn paired the deuce and he led out for 1K. I jammed for somethin like 5 or 6k more and he called with his T7s. He made an awesome call there and I had no idea where he was in the hand. He took those chips and ended up winning the tourney, leaving me in a weak sixth.

Next day we played omaha hilo. I had to be one of the worst omaha split players in the field. So naturally I came in third after semi-cold decking lucko for a huge pot and scooping a couple big pots early on. I really played like shit in the middle rounds though.

After this tourney, i was the +1 POTY points leader with 13, one more than drome (who wont he O8 tourney) and chris.

Last night was stud high, easily my worst game. I was lost the entire night and finished 13th for no more points. I'm still in second to drome who picked up another four points. Lucko finally got some points by winning the fucker.

Tonight is razz, a game I think I play decently. Hopefully I can finish this one off and get myself a win.


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