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Monday, December 04, 2006

random poker shit

First, congrats to Kevin (lucko21) who took down the $50 rebuy on Stars for just shy of nine dimes. Jesus.

I didn't play too much online this week, but am showing a decent profit considering all of the mistakes I think I've been making (overplaying big pairs, playing too often OOP).

Live has gone well, although it's been for smaller stakes. Turned t120 (down from t200) into about ten times that within an hour and a half in a 7-man rebuy. We ended up chopping when heads up because I had to work the next morning, which sucked because I'd have crushed him.

Only one semi-interesting hand happened. We were playing NL Omaha High, 3 handed with 1/2 blinds. I was the button and open-limped. The SB (Justin) called with ~250 behind and the BB checked with ~450 behind. I have them both covered. I had 77xx (AsTs if I remember right). Flop comes 7h9h3c. Justin leads for 10, BB flat calls and I raise to 45 total. They both call. Turn is a 2s (I think) and they check to me. I bet out 100 and Justin thinks for about three minutes and jams for ~100 more. BB mucks and I call. Justin shows 6hThxx and bricks off, busting out.

I think that given his hand (gutshot straight flush draw), Justin shoulda reraised all in on the flop. A few reasons for this:
1) He knows I don't want to play against him as much as I do the BB, who was far more live.
2) If he bricks off on turn, he's gonna be put in a tough spot to either jam right away or be forced to call if I give him a good price.
3) Even if he knows I very likely have a set, he's not a big dog.
4) None of his outs are nut outs.

Of course, given my hand, I'd have called him anyway so in a results oriented way of thinking it didn't make a difference.

We played Friday at a frat house. .25/.50 game with a $10 buy in (I bought in for $20, which got me weird looks) but when we got there, most people had busted enough times that stacks were deep enough for a little bit of play.

One of the worst games I've ever seen. I could play in that game for a living, but the people there annoyed the fuck out of me, including 1) ugly, trashy drunk girls and 2) dudes trying to fight me for telling them 311 sucked.

I played like a rock, making only one bluff in about 3 hours, and it was versus Justin. No one else was even remotely bluffable. Playing tight (ugh, I hate it so much) resulted in very few hands that were even the slighest bit interesting. It was mostly one person overplaying top pair, but being fortunate that their opponents would be overplaying bottom pair or second pair or some shit like that. Boring, but easy money.

TPOAPC starts tonight. Probably gonna play, but may not if the laptop fucks up on me.

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