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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

+1 PXF Tourney, 24 Songs and some Blog Changes

Last night there was a +1 tourney on Stars in which everyone gave lucko their hand histories and he loaded them into a Poker X Factor replayer so that we can see everyone's hands as they play.

I thought I played awful last night, but seeing everyone's hands (R.O.T.!) I don't think I played as bad as I thought.

One thing that stuck out immediately was that all of the good players stole and restole a LOT. Stoner pushed me around real bad. It gives me some things to work on, I suppose.

A few days ago on +1 I made a challenge to make a soundtrack to your lives that lasts 24 hours long. Pretty much everyone thought this was too much and that 24 songs was better. So I did this... eventually I'm sure I'll do the 24 hours long one; I have the songs in a list but not in order.

Anyways, here's 24 songs in the life of Nick Fulton

I've made song blog changes. I updated to the beta version and now it's being a huge fucking problem to log-in. Not sure why. I also figured out how to post videos on here, if I ever have the desire to do that.


lucko said...

You need to be reraising more often.

NFulton said...

I know, I know. Been working on it, but I'm still just so much more comfortable playing post-flop.

lucko said...

The 77 hand on the button facing a CO raise in the tourney is a must RR IMO.

The AK hand I RR as well, but I don't mind the call. I just think the RR is best, take control of the hand.

NFulton said...

I'm reraising the AK probably nine times out of ten. I thought if Shawn had trash there was a decent shot he'd squeeze-- I feel like he does that a lot. Dunno if he would've, but maybe unfortunately for me he had a decent enough hand to want to be able to play it reasonably instead of letting me re-pop him.

The 77 was HJ v. CO, not CO v. button, but still, I see your point. Just a little foreign to me, so I have to work on that.

lucko said...

And I probably RR there with sevens in a deep stacked cash game as well. You are definitely ahead of his range and there is no reason to let the blinds in for cheap IMO. Take control of the action.

Plus RR with hands like sevens here, makes you more likely to get action with your RR's when you are holding big pairs, especially if you make it to a showdown.

NFulton said...

Deep as in ~100 or deep as in ~250BB? 250 I think so. With 100 I don't mind if the blinds call, I'm playing to hit a set and find someone to pay me off. True about the reraising getting more action though, but I think reraising with AK/AQ and the occasional trash can do this as well while you still can try to get some set value out of a small pair.

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