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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Didn't quite make it

Didn't manage to play the 5.5K hands I wanted to this week. Part of this is because I actually had to go into work twice this week. I also found myself moderately (Friday) and inexplicably (Saturday) drunk this weekend.

All in all, I feel like I played pretty well this week. As I already mentioned, I got to work on my heads up game a bit while playing with Mag. I played another guy heads up on UB for about 300 hands. I managed to break him three times, but he bought in short every time. And since the match went on for so long, the big winner of the game was Ultimate Bet, not me. I had a chance earlier to finish him off when I turned 2 pair and jammed on him, but he called with his TP + flush draw and caught up, and went on a pretty sick run for a while until I managed to wear him down to a point where he was open-jamming 20BB on me.

Not much else happening. There have been some awesome threads going on at +1. It's nice to see that the poker sections there have started to pick up again. On the other side of the coin, however, there has been some atrocious discussion going on over at CP. I do my best to give solid, well-thought out advice while simultaneously kicking people in the teeth.

Interviewing at NEOUCOM in the morning. Not really nervous, but I hate waking up early. If all does not go well, I might have to start playing a hell of a lot more than five thousand hands a week...

...yes, I was joking.

My next post will be more interesting, I promise.


Scott said...

couldn't agree more with you're analysis of cp this week...some horrible advice going on this week.

Sorry you didn't make the 5500 hands this week....Pretty cool goal though

Mark - An Englishman Abroad said...

Hey, Enjoy your blog (though not quite sure I understand the Full Tilt beta post??!?) and have added you to my 'Blogs Of Distinction List' Over at Plan3t Gong.

Would be great to see a link back when you have a spare minute.

I'm also at Blogspot - http://plan3tgongpoker.blogspot.com

Cheers, Mark

NFulton said...

i'm gonna update my links soon, and i'm gonna add both of you to the ol' sidebar.

mark- the full tilt beta thing was a glitch that a guy i know had. basically, the jack of diamonds showed up twice, and the river was a card that was in his hand. he ended up losing to a better full house anyway (i think?) and was flipping out about how crazy the situation was. but apparenlty no one else at the table saw any weirdness happen; blaming the beta version seems to be the only logical explanation. which is a fuckin shame, because i really dig the resizable screens