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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A few scattered thoughts

I'm trying to play ~5.5k hands this week. I've played about 3.3k so far I think. I figured out that in an hour I play about 137 hands (playing shorthanded), so if I were playing 40 hours a week it'd equal about five and a half thousand hands. Of course, since I multi-table, 40 hours a week is gonna be a lot more than that. But as of right now, this is my goal.

By the way, 5.5k hands is considerably more than any live player is gonna get. Even if a person plays for a week straight, and they have a fast dealer at a short-handed table and is getting about 40 hands an hour (yeah, right) they're playing 40*24*7 = about 6,700 hands. More realistically, I think 25 hands/hour * 60 hours = 1,500 hands per week. I'm double that already.

I played Mag heads up a few nights ago. It did not go well, but he gave me some solid advice to help my heads up game. Luckbox also won the $30 flip we did. Good times. Definitely worth the lessons.

I'm actually playing okay in SNGs lately. I've cashed in 9 of my last 10 SNGs, but I've had way too many thirds, not enough firsts.

I finally downloaded PAHud. I have to buy it soon. Very sweet program, and found a template to use for UBs mini-screen. If only it worked for the resizable FTP screens.

I'm very tired right now.

I've been watching High Stakes Poker. I can't imagine how a lot of these players (Farha, Elezra) can manage to play these games. Maybe they play limit games (and for Farha, apparently PLO) well, but they need to stay away from NLHE. The people who've played the best are the ones who aren't known for playing in the big game (with the obvious exceptions of Greenstein and Brunson). I used to think people like Mag were crazy for saying that if you took five of the players from the big game and five of the best online NLHE cash players, put them at a NLHE table and the internet players are going to crush, but my mind has changed drastically.

I think I'm going to sign up for Cardrunners. Maybe.

I wish I had this shirt.

Okay, more later.


Chris said...

High Stakes Poker seems to be proving why most of those guys stick to mixed games.

btw, do you think Gold has a tell? I need to watch closer, but it looks like he's splashing chips when he's week, but planting them firmly when he's strong. Pretty sure that's why doyle called him with ace-high, but I might be wrong.

NFulton said...

I'll have to look closer too. I'm pretty bad at spotting specific tells-- when playing live I usually just "feel it" (okay, I look through their souls). I know some pros (although I think it was someone like Negreanu) say they had a few specific tells on him. I remember pointing out during the WSOP coverage that it looked like he was putting his chips really far onto the table when strong and closer to him when weak (or vice versa, can't remember) but it was only a two hand sample so I wasn't sure.

I did notice when watching again that SBRugby's hands were shaking in the KQ hand v. Harman-- Lucko pointed out that one.