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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I Trap With Queen High

keepmlow is at seat 0 with $87.15.
themffulton is at seat 1 with $194.15.
jp9999 is at seat 2 with $51.70.
serbmaster is at seat 3 with $100.
KcKoether is at seat 4 with $98.50.
BeauNercozi is at seat 5 with $85.90.
The button is at seat 0.

themffulton posts the small blind of $.50.
jp9999 posts the big blind of $1.

keepmlow: -- --
themffulton: Qc 2s
jp9999: -- --
KcKoether: -- --
BeauNercozi: -- --


KcKoether folds. BeauNercozi folds. keepmlow folds.
themffulton calls. jp9999 checks.

Flop (board: Kc 8s 9d):

themffulton checks. jp9999 checks.

Turn (board: Kc 8s 9d 8h):

themffulton checks. jp9999 bets $2. themffulton

River (board: Kc 8s 9d 8h 3c):

themffulton checks. jp9999 bets $6. themffulton


jp9999 shows 6h Jh.
jp9999 has Jh Kc 8s 9d 8h: a pair of eights.
themffulton shows Qc 2s.
themffulton has Qc Kc 8s 9d 8h: a pair of eights, king/queen kickers.

Hand #37041585-102218 Summary:

$.90 is raked from a pot of $18.
themffulton wins $17.10 with a pair of eights.

A few hands prior, the guy (who was still new to the table at the time this hand took place) had bet two streets in a row with absolute air when I had enough of a hand to call him down.

So in this hand, I limp the SB and he checks. Normal looking so far. I check the flop intending to give it up, but he checks too. Given how he'd played the few hands in between the last one and this one, I assumed that he had missed it completely.

Turn pairs the board-- besides a Q, one of the best cards that could come. If he had nothing, he still has nothing. I check in order to induce a bluff from him and he obliges. I could've check-raised here pretty easily without having to worry about the river, but I got greedy. I wanted a river bet as well. Of course, I risk him sucking out, but I figured I'm gonna take the risk of a 6 outer in order to win another river bet. Not sure if that's the right play or not.

River comes a 3. Another pretty good card. If he caught up and hit a three, I think he probably checks behind on the river. So his bet means either 1) my read was terribly wrong or 2) my read was awesomely right.

It was and I won a nice little pot with a hand that only beats 30% of all random hands.

Hands beaten 31.52%
Hands tied 5.76%
Hands lost to 62.73%


More soon about defending against preflop reraises.


lucko said...

So if with 2 cards in your hand, two cards in his hand and 5 cards on the board, you can figure out Queen high is good, why do you suck so much at SYN? :-)


NFulton said...

Because that's half as many cards in my hands...

By that logic, I'm getting a lowball game started in Indy.