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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Food For Thought

A couple snippets from sbrugby/aba20's well post:

I love when players switch from limit to NL at high stakes because they are usually huge calling stations. I think in NL you dont' need a hand as much as in limit. In limit you are constantly going to showdown where in NL you are hardly ever making it to showdown. I always tell my self I either need zero hands in NL or one hand to bust an opponent. If opponets don't call enough then I keep bluffing and widdling them down, and if they call to much I just need to make one hand against them to stack them. I wasn't very good at NL at first and I had to learn the game.

I see comments all the time from respected posters like "don't go broke with one pair". Usually blanket statments like these are wrong and each hand needs to be analysed individually.

Good stuff.

If you haven't seen this and aren't convinced that an internet player you may not have heard of is a worthy source, maybe this will change you mind:

More to come later.

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