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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Look At Your Game Girl

So far (granted, it's early) today has been much better.

The good news: I'm running +20PTBB/100 hands over 750 hands. Not a bad day.

The bad news: I forced myself to play lower until I think I have a semblance of an idea of what the fuck to do while playing poker. Not astronomically lower, mostly .25/.50, but obviously it's frustrating when I can play well at these levels but play like shit when I move up to 1/2. Granted, this is also a function of 1) better opponents and 2) me playing differently, but honestly, I think the biggest difference was just me playing terribly and impatiently.

This morning, for the first time in a long time, my first thought upon waking was "Christ, I played so abysmally last night." That's not a good feeling, trust me. This morning I FINALLY registered Poker Ace HUD. I'm a moron for having waited so long. Granted, I said the same thing about downloading PT and getting rakeback.

I'm also conflicted right now: my recent run means I need to work on my game. One thing I want to try costs a little bit of money. That thing is Cardrunners. So do I make the small investment, hoping to get it back, while simultaneously trying to endure a shitty downswing?


Will I put it off for another two months until I finally get it, and chastise myself for not having had it all this time?

Oh, no doubt. Their site has gotten a lot of good feedback from at least three people I know (mag, lucko and UrBluffingMe) [I p1mp their blogs so much]. Plus, they have Sbrugby and Green Plastic doing tutorials. And they're both sickos.

I'll get it eventually.

Arielle will be home on Friday for two weeks! Can't wait. Seriously, I barely can.

(for bonus points, the title of this post is an allusion to which "musical artist"?)

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